Pick up the Pieces

2016 has been a difficult year. This year did not start as hoped which was difficult. I’ve been here long enough to have weathered a few storms, so if that was our only challenge I wouldn’t take the time to write this. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of the story.

On February 27th one of my co-workers and close friends was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and went on disability. His prognosis was good and we never gave a second thought to replacing him, we simply did what business development we had time to handle on his behalf. His are big shoes to fill so despite our efforts there was a tremendous dip in our business development activities over the first six months of the year. Thankfully we were able to bring back a former colleague for a period of time which helped tremendously jump-starting efforts and we quickly got our business back on track.

Everyone in sales has ups and downs – we were handling things the best we could while Jeff went through treatment. After several rounds of chemo in the spring he had to go through several months of recovery. Throughout his treatment the doctors were optimistic, and I was 100% convinced that he would be back to work in the fall. Unfortunately cancer had other plans. On Oct 25th he was put in hospice and my friend passed away Nov 10th surrounded by family. We went from anticipating his return to saying goodbye in a matter of a handful of weeks.

Everyone has lost someone close. It rips your heart in two and makes day-to-day difficult. Walking by a now cleaned-out office. Seeing his name everywhere.

2016 sucked. I’m glad it’s almost over.

Soon someone else will put pictures of their family on Jeff’s desk. They will start calling on Jeff’s clients. No doubt they will hear the stories and get to know a little about our friend. That makes me feel good. Jeff left an impression on everyone he touched.

I will continue to mourn the loss of a friend, but I will not linger on the pain or let it keep me from moving forward. I honor my friend by picking up the pieces, welcoming our new associate with open arms, and finding the good in the day. 2017 is going to be better. Even if it isn’t, I’m going to be thankful for what I have.

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  1. Ruthann Essig says:

    At these times the tears are present. Yet tears are not enough.

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