Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills!

If you’ve been reading job postings for more than five minutes you’ve probably run across that gem. The 2nd Generation came when “communication skills” morphed into “interpersonal skills” which reads better than writing “oral communication skills,” yet it still rings hollow. Adding the “communication skills” requirement is an all too common relic of job description authors who are firmly planted in a bureaucracy that also thinks adding “must be able to make decisions” and “be able to move about the office” is necessary to attract the right person.

Those last two are real world examples of how ridiculous job description content can get. Would you hire someone that can’t make a decision or find their way from their cube to the break room? I know I wouldn’t.

The ability to effectively relate and communicate with others is ultimately a result of an individual’s character, background, education, emotional intelligence, and a host of other things that make each of us unique.

Trying to fit that on a bullet point in a job description (or a resume for that matter) is difficult, if not impossible. Stop trying. Please.

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