White Supremacists Need Not Apply

Earlier this month Cole White, an appropriately named white supremacist, traveled across the country and took part in the now infamous rally that resulted in the tragic death of Heather Heyer. Pictures of these bigots flooded social media and someone recognized Mr White and his place of employment – a hot dog stand in Berkeley California.

I’m not sure how quickly this all went down, but I’m speculating that someone walked into the hot dog stand with a picture of Mr White in his full racist regalia and made management / ownership aware that they were employing a white supremacist. Not long after he was either terminated or asked to resign (depending on what news outlet you read.) Either way – he lost his job for being a racist asshole.

Thankfully our government has not passed any laws that protect him from being terminated. Hate speech may be protected, but it never should protect you from the consequences. You’re fired. Good luck and Good riddance.

Many other racists were “outed” via social media, and my hope is more employers recognize that these individuals and their “white nationalist” agenda is an aberration and has no place in our society which includes our workplaces. These vile peoples’ philosophy is so abhorrent that we should not be forced to support them by providing them jobs or any other opportunities.

If you want to run around with a hood on your head or swastika on your arm you certainly have the freedom to do so. Just don’t expect the decent people of this country to support you in any way, shape, or form.

We are a nation of immigrants. A melting pot of people seeking a better life in a country with wonderful opportunities.

Your racist political agenda has been used to justify evil throughout history. It’s caused countless deaths. It’s spawned countless wars.

It has no place in modern America.



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