Purpose Before Profits

I’m currently reading Clean Slate by nationally syndicated author and all-around good guy Sean Stormes. I admit a bit of bias with regards to Sean, I was introduced to him more years ago than I care to admit and am honored to call him a friend. But my bias doesn’t mean that what Sean believes isn’t of tremendous value to business – he most certainly is.

Without going into the details (you can buy the book and get those) I wanted to expand on something Sean said to me at a recent lunch. As business people we have to put purpose before profits. In one form or another I’ve been in sales my entire life, and certainly my entire career has been selling product or services. My mantra for many of those years has been “if you take care of the people the money takes care of itself.”

It boils down to having an answer to two big questions: Why am I here? and What difference do I want to make? When you have the answer to those questions you have your purpose.

Like it or not, if you are in a career transition you are now in the sales business. Your product is you and your customer is your future employer. Your purpose needs to be front and center in your search.

When you’re putting together your resume.

When you’re going through the arduous task of finding and applying to online jobs

While attending networking events.

Sitting across the table from a potential employer in an interview.

Why are you here and what difference do you want to make in the other person’s life? After talking about your background, have a meaningful conversation about what you can do for the other person. Servant leadership isn’t just for leaders. It’s for everyone. Find a way to help and you will find someone that needs your help.

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