That time of year again – feast, football, and family. We spend time thinking about the things in life for which we’re grateful and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve hit the lottery in the gratitude department.

Today is my wonderful wife’s birthday and I celebrate the life we’ve built together over the past thirty plus years. I have two amazing boys who are healthy, happy, and pursuing their dreams. I have healthy parents and an amazing extended family that I can’t wait to see next week. I’ve had normal, healthy relationships throughout my life with my entire family. My cup certainly overflows.

My gratitude goes well beyond the people in my life. I’ve been blessed with a growing relationship with my Creator and Savior, a great career, a roof over my head that most people on this planet would consider the height of wealth and luxury (and they’d be right,) musical talents, and so, so much more.

Even when life is kicking me around (and it does kick me around) I am grateful. Losing Kelli’s mom nearly fifteen years ago and our friend Jeff last year was devastating. Life has not been the same since. But we persevere with a thankful heart and hope in the future eternal reunion. It’s not all little stuff, but when you look at things from an eternal perspective the big stuff gets a lot smaller.

Thank you one and all for being a part of my life. For reading my ramblings, and for being you. A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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