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I’m Worn Out

Basketball season doesn’t necessarily begin or end for an official. Those of us who chose to work year around have plenty of off-season leagues & tournaments that will keep you busy with four to six games a week. With that said, starting in late November when school ball starts up the opportunity to work increases […]

Ch.. ch… ch… Changes…

If you visit this site you may have noted the following Look and feel is pretty tired. I’ve been doing this site for the better part of nine years and haven’t changed it. Nine years might as well be nine hundred years for a website. Stability has been an issue. A friend has hosted on […]

Why bother with my job search in December?

December is not a big hiring month, and I’m busy getting ready for the holidays. I won’t get any interviews, and I certainly won’t have any offers so why bother? Everyone else is probably thinking about the holidays. Job seekers who put the search on hold until the first of the year are missing a […]


That time of year again – feast, football, and family. We spend time thinking about the things in life for which we’re grateful and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve hit the lottery in the gratitude department. Today is my wonderful wife’s birthday and I celebrate the life we’ve built together over the past thirty […]

Purpose Before Profits

I’m currently reading Clean Slate by nationally syndicated author and all-around good guy Sean Stormes. I admit a bit of bias with regards to Sean, I was introduced to him more years ago than I care to admit and am honored to call him a friend. But my bias doesn’t mean that what Sean believes isn’t […]

To My Friend Jeff, his Family, and his countless Friends.

Nov 10, 2016 was a beautiful fall day. The sun was shining bright, the trees were in their full colorful fall glory. The glory of God was on full display. Earlier that morning we lost a husband, a son, father, uncle, friend. It still doesn’t seem real. I am thankful for the years we had and it […]


Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the death of my close friend and colleague Jeff McMahill. It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year, and I’m grateful that I can still hear his laugh in my head. I’m especially grateful for the lessons he taught me both before and after he was diagnosed. His wife […]


A caller to a podcast I listen was upset about being passed over for a promotion because the owner of his company hired his nephew and put him in a job that the owner had promised the caller. He said the nephew wasn’t at all qualified for the position and was looking for advice. The […]

5 Balls Speech

If you’re in the midst of a career crisis there’s something you need to hear.  Simply click here to see the transcript of former Coca-Cola CEO Bryan Dyson’s famous “30 second speech” before going any further. Ok, now that you understand the difference with the work ball let’s have a serious conversation. Are you really happy with what you […]

White Supremacists Need Not Apply

Earlier this month Cole White, an appropriately named white supremacist, traveled across the country and took part in the now infamous rally that resulted in the tragic death of Heather Heyer. Pictures of these bigots flooded social media and someone recognized Mr White and his place of employment – a hot dog stand in Berkeley California. I’m […]