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I’m Worn Out

Basketball season doesn’t necessarily begin or end for an official. Those of us who chose to work year around have plenty of off-season leagues & tournaments that will keep you busy with four to six games a week. With that said, starting in late November when school ball starts up the opportunity to work increases […]


That time of year again – feast, football, and family. We spend time thinking about the things in life for which we’re grateful and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve hit the lottery in the gratitude department. Today is my wonderful wife’s birthday and I celebrate the life we’ve built together over the past thirty […]


Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the death of my close friend and colleague Jeff McMahill. It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year, and I’m grateful that I can still hear his laugh in my head. I’m especially grateful for the lessons he taught me both before and after he was diagnosed. His wife […]

5 Balls Speech

If you’re in the midst of a career crisis there’s something you need to hear.  Simply click here to see the transcript of former Coca-Cola CEO Bryan Dyson’s famous “30 second speech” before going any further. Ok, now that you understand the difference with the work ball let’s have a serious conversation. Are you really happy with what you […]

“I Ain’t Serving No Police”

Earlier this week a McDonald’s employee was terminated for refusing to serve a uniformed officer. You can read the story here and while it’s sad that our society has bred this much animosity between groups, I don’t want to make this the theme of this post. I simply am offering an extreme example of being a […]


I am not a patient person – it’s in my nature to stay in motion so I don’t like waiting in line. I don’t like waiting on someone else to get ready. I don’t like waiting in traffic. I definitely don’t like riding behind someone driving slow in the passing lane. (See Urban Dictionary for […]

Liar Liar

Pittsburg, KS High School principal Amy Robertson was fired after journalists at the student newspaper discovered her credentials were bogus. Their work was picked up by many major news outlets including Fox, CBS, NBC, LA Time, the Chicago Tribune. The list went on. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands (or possibly millions) of views […]

Gatorade Shower

The “Salvy Splash” has become a tradition for the Kansas City Royals. It’s an act of celebration for all fans to anticipate and enjoy. Today I want to tell you about a different kind of Gatorade shower. I have been a basketball official for the better part of the past two decades. I work from […]

RIP Ace #30

Life isn’t easy. No promises are made. No day is guaranteed. Today Kansas City is mourning the loss of Yordano Ventura.  Baseball is mourning the loss of both Ace and Andy Marte. It is a time to grieve. Pitchers and catchers report in 21 days. Yesterday leaves a big hole in Surprise that will never be completely […]

Pick up the Pieces

2016 has been a difficult year. This year did not start as hoped which was difficult. I’ve been here long enough to have weathered a few storms, so if that was our only challenge I wouldn’t take the time to write this. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of the story. On February 27th one of my co-workers and […]