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Management vs. Leadership

Peter: And here’s something else Bob. I have eight different bosses right now. Bob: I beg your pardon? Peter: Eight bosses. Bob: Eight? Peter: Eight, Bob. So that means that when I make a mistake, I have eight different people coming by to tell me about it. That’s my only real motivation is not to be […]

Grandma Does Not Approve

A year ago I wrote a post called “Grandmother Approved” addressing why it’s not a good idea to rant on social media. Unfortunately a waitress in Colorado apparently isn’t subscribed to my feed. Her actions were atrocious and the swift action of the managing partner should be commended. The woman has since apologized, but the damage is done. A […]


Martin Luther King Jr led our country out of it’s darkest days and forever changed us (and the world) for the better.  Martin Luther King had a dream. It would have been easy to look around and say his dream was impossible to achieve. Yet he took action to make that dream come true. So much […]


I wrote some words on a whiteboard last night. They’re MY words. Words that I will use to put together my path for 2014. A path that I’m going to share via my blog over the next few weeks. Each word has meaning to me. Some of them will have meaning to you. Feel free […]

Professionalism & Adversity

I love basketball.  In my playing and coaching days I did not love the officials.  I certainly didn’t have an appreciation for their work and role in the game.  Officials were more of a nuisance that I tolerated and complained about when we lost.  There were many games where I felt the officials were incompetent.  […]

Pope Francis has arrived

The Catholic church just elected the first non-European Pope in centuries.  Good for them!  Church leaders have recognized the need for a majority of their faithful to have a voice.  And now they have that voice through the first South American born Pope. Which brings me to a question.  Whose voice have you represented?  As […]

Emotional Intelligence

Show of hands – who’s been a teenager?  Those were the days, weren’t they?   You knew everything you needed to know, your parents were out of touch with reality, there was no car payment or mortgage…. The sun seemed to rise and set on your whims.  Then something happened.  Your days of skating through ‘Music […]

Hi! May I help you?

If you’re in Kansas City, and you’ve eaten at Gates, you’ve heard that phrase.  It’s part of their brand.  You walk in the door and hear the refrain “Hi – May I Help You” over and over.  It’s not “Hello, may I be of service” or “Hi, what can I get you”.   Its ALWAYS say […]

Four Things You Can’t Recover

*This post is the work of Barbara J Bruno and was so good I had to share it.  So without further introduction here it is…. When I received an email with the topic “Four Things You Can’t Recover”, it sparked my interest. It’s also interesting how these apply to our Profession. Four things you can’t […]

I work well with others

I wish Gary Larson was still doing the Far Side.  Good stuff.   I have asked thousands of people what their strengths are and almost universally one of the answers is “I’m good with people”.  That is not a good answer because interviewers hear over and over and over.  A better way of handling that question […]