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White Supremacists Need Not Apply

Earlier this month Cole White, an appropriately named white supremacist, traveled across the country and took part in the now infamous rally that resulted in the tragic death of Heather Heyer. Pictures of these bigots flooded social media and someone recognized Mr White and his place of employment – a hot dog stand in Berkeley California. I’m […]

Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills!

If you’ve been reading job postings for more than five minutes you’ve probably run across that gem. The 2nd Generation came when “communication skills” morphed into “interpersonal skills” which reads better than writing “oral communication skills,” yet it still rings hollow. Adding the “communication skills” requirement is an all too common relic of job description authors who are firmly […]


We’re two weeks into 2017 and I’m just now getting around to updating the events on my website. I’d like to blame it on Procrastination, but the reality of the situation is much different. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Quadrant 1 if you’re familiar with Covey’s Time Management grid so the TJG.com has taken […]

Pick up the Pieces

2016 has been a difficult year. This year did not start as hoped which was difficult. I’ve been here long enough to have weathered a few storms, so if that was our only challenge I wouldn’t take the time to write this. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of the story. On February 27th one of my co-workers and […]

What’s Important

In February of this year my friend and colleague Jeff McMahill was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The survival rate for his particular strain (Burkitts) is anywhere from a 30% – 91% depending on the level of risk. Jeff was diagnosed at Stage 3 but being an otherwise overly healthy male the doctors were confident he would be on the […]

Immigration Reform

DISCLAIMER: This post doesn’t have anything to do with careers or searching for a job, it’s simply something I wrote because it’s an important topic worth consideration. Here we are in the heart of the Presidential election and once again immigration reform is one of a handful of divisive topics. Trump wants to build a wall, Hillary wants to fast track […]

Stop the Madness

I watched the news after work with a broken heart and sick stomach. Robert David Melton is the ninth officer ambushed and killed in the line of duty in less than two weeks. I was in KCK Saturday riding my bike right through the heart of the neighborhood where Captain Melton was shot and killed in […]

How to avoid being hacked on LinkedIn.

Hackers are a busy bunch. I’m sure you’ve received a Facebook invitation from someone you’re already friends with, or from a complete stranger. Usually these are hackers with ill intent. It should come as no surprise hackers have targeted LinkedIn as well. Here’s how to spot a fake. Start by doing a Google search on […]


Where do I start? Where does it end? Another ideologue selects a target ending dozens of lives and changing hundreds, perhaps thousands of other lives forever. My heart breaks for the victims, their families, and their friends. Family members & friends who still don’t know what happened to their loved ones. They were told to […]

Kids, STEM, Sausage-Fests, and why it matters.

According to the White House, there are currently half a million unfilled technology jobs in the US and that number could more than quadruple in the next two years. This is a big deal folks. Big enough that President Obama used January’s State of the Union speech to announce his “Computer Science for All” program. […]