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Black Listed!

When considering people for employment organizations must protect themselves from liability and bad hires are fraught with risk. Candidates who have a history of any of the following are high risk hires. Stealing money, property, and/or customers. Harassing or threatening co-workers and/or customers. Lying about ANYTHING. Especially education or other credentials or reason for dismissal from previous employers. Refusing treatment* after […]

LinkedIn Invitations

As a person with 3500+ connections I get and send my fair share of LinkedIn invitations. Many of the invites I receive come from people I don’t know with the default “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn Network” template. Nine times out of ten if I don’t know you and you don’t take […]

My Thoughts on the Future of the KC Tech Market

If your background has anything to do with the software development life cycle I’ve got some good news for you. Over the past 18 – 24 months it seems everyone I know is experiencing exponential growth in activity.  Existing clients are hiring across the board and new & emerging client activity has increased dramatically.   […]

Write a Great LinkedIn Profile

I ran across a great INC magazine article today titled “The 7 Things You’re Doing Wrong on LinkedIn” that made some great points and is worth a blog post. Some of the major take-away’s from the article: It’s a networking tool, and that means you should be active on it all the time, not just […]

Great Branding

During a recent trip to Atlanta I found myself with a few hours to kill.  I heard the “World of CocaCola” was worth a trip so I found myself standing in the middle of a museum dedicated to one of the most recognizable, if not THE most recognizable brand in the world.   While interesting, it […]

Walkin’ in Memphis

Last week was spring break for my boys and it had been a few years since we’d done a family trip over spring break.  Step one was figuring out where to go.  My oldest son and I had been there once for about twenty four hours on the way to New Orleans.  We visited Graceland […]

LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn is the “industry standard” professional social network.  70 million members and growing.  An IPO that exceeded all expectations.  There’s no question LinkedIn has changed the landscape of how business is conducted.  It also has changed the landscape of how talent is identified and acquired. That means if you’re a job seeker (or plan on […]

Social Media and You

If you know me you probably know that I’m on the Social Media bandwagon. The power of any community is amazing and what’s happening in the social space continues to amaze me. There’s no denying its woven into the fiber of our lives – from the microeconomics of connecting with long lost elementary school mates […]

Smile and Dial

Candidates must be strong cold callers. How many people would look at that statement in a job description and immediately move to something different?  I would venture to say most of us would steer clear of that job.  But like it or not, cold calling is now part of your job seeker job description.  You […]

Hi! May I help you?

If you’re in Kansas City, and you’ve eaten at Gates, you’ve heard that phrase.  It’s part of their brand.  You walk in the door and hear the refrain “Hi – May I Help You” over and over.  It’s not “Hello, may I be of service” or “Hi, what can I get you”.   Its ALWAYS say […]