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“I Ain’t Serving No Police”

Earlier this week a McDonald’s employee was terminated for refusing to serve a uniformed officer. You can read the story here and while it’s sad that our society has bred this much animosity between groups, I don’t want to make this the theme of this post. I simply am offering an extreme example of being a […]

Think Before You Write

I grew up in a time when mail was something the post office delivered. Phones didn’t take pictures, connect me to hundreds of friends, or fit in my pocket. They had dials and were bolted to a wall. “Mobile” phones meant you had a 6+ foot cord attached to the box. Today the written word […]

Self-Taught Experts

Today ran across this resume opener: Self Taught Computer Expert. I find many non-graduates using “Self Taught” as a counter to a completed education. This individual did not have a college degree and let’s be honest, a degree isn’t the end-all, be-all indicator of success. Obviously Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and countless other successful people […]

Grandma Does Not Approve

A year ago I wrote a post called “Grandmother Approved” addressing why it’s not a good idea to rant on social media. Unfortunately a waitress in Colorado apparently isn’t subscribed to my feed. Her actions were atrocious and the swift action of the managing partner should be commended. The woman has since apologized, but the damage is done. A […]

Aptitude vs. Experience

ap·ti·tude (ˈaptəˌt(y)o͞od/) a natural ability to do something / suitability or fitness. ex·pe·ri·ence (ikˈspirēəns/) practical contact with and observation of facts or events / encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence). When you consider these definitions, is aptitude or experience more important when making hiring decisions? Should we place more emphasis on natural ability & […]

“Excellent Communication Skills”

I’ve read tens of thousands of resumes and job descriptions and nearly all have one thing in common. “Excellent communication skills” or a variant is written somewhere on the page. The irony of this “phrasology” is it often comes in the form of a poorly worded bullet or sentence such as Excellent communication skills both […]

What Book are you Reading?

I’m interviewing to fill an internal position at RiverPoint right now and the title of this post is a staple interview question. What are you reading and what are you learning? Personally, I just finished “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Stinek which is a book about leadership and building a great company culture. If you […]


Growing up I loved attention. I’d do things and say things simply to get a reaction. I was a disruptive child. I don’t love attention as much as I used to, but I do like doing things to get a reaction. I’m a disruptive adult. The internet’s definition of disruption is a disturbance or problems […]

Living in the Moment

I’m a baseball fan. Since I was a young lad in Iowa my team has always been the Cubs. You know – the “haven’t been in the World Series for nearly a century” Cubs. The “we’ve been close, but we just can’t get there” Cubs. In the past 29 years the Cubs have lost 2500 […]

Your Role in the “War for Talent”

Employers are worried about their employees. The increasing competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees is causing quite a bit of turmoil at all levels of management. Global Management Consulting firm Hay Group estimates that 160 million people worldwide will switch jobs this year. Some experts have said as much as 25% of the […]