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Why bother with my job search in December?

December is not a big hiring month, and I’m busy getting ready for the holidays. I won’t get any interviews, and I certainly won’t have any offers so why bother? Everyone else is probably thinking about the holidays. Job seekers who put the search on hold until the first of the year are missing a […]

Suzy Welch: The Single Best Question to Ask in an Interview

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Black Listed!

When considering people for employment organizations must protect themselves from liability and bad hires are fraught with risk. Candidates who have a history of any of the following are high risk hires. Stealing money, property, and/or customers. Harassing or threatening co-workers and/or customers. Lying about ANYTHING. Especially education or other credentials or reason for dismissal from previous employers. Refusing treatment* after […]

Need Not Apply

When I graduated from college I diligently scoured the classified ads for jobs leads. Armed with overpriced paper & envelopes, a bottle of white-out, and my IBM “Selectric,” I launched a career that has lasted for the better part of three decades. Applying for a job in those days took time. Each resume needed to be […]

“Excellent Communication Skills”

I’ve read tens of thousands of resumes and job descriptions and nearly all have one thing in common. “Excellent communication skills” or a variant is written somewhere on the page. The irony of this “phrasology” is it often comes in the form of a poorly worded bullet or sentence such as Excellent communication skills both […]

What is a Recruiter?

Not all recruiters are just recruiters. Human Resources generalists are recruiters. Hiring managers are recruiters. CEO’s are recruiters. If you’ve ever suggested someone apply for a job you are a recruiter. Usually when the word “recruiter” is used the perception falls into one of two camps – the corporate recruiter (HR) and the agency recruiter […]


2016 marks my sixteenth year in recruiting which means I’ve spent approximately 40,000 hours of my life helping thousands of people explore new career opportunities, and have placed hundreds of them in new careers. Malcolm Gladwell writes about the “10,000 Hour Rule” in his book Outliers. The rule states that if you spend 10,000 hours […]

Holiday Job Searching

It’s here. Christmas lighting up our neighborhoods and homes. Eight nights of lighting the Menorah and reciting blessings. The Feast of Sacrifice. The Winter Solstice. Camping out at Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving eve with hundreds of others so you can buy a $259 55″ POS flat screen at four in the morning (what’s up with that […]

What Book are you Reading?

I’m interviewing to fill an internal position at RiverPoint right now and the title of this post is a staple interview question. What are you reading and what are you learning? Personally, I just finished “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Stinek which is a book about leadership and building a great company culture. If you […]

Tolstoy never wrote a resume

I received a 10 page resume today. While not unprecedented, it is unusual. I get 6+ page resumes at least once a week, but pushing into the double-digits is something that happens only once or twice every three months. The worst offender in my 15 year recruiting career was a 26 page resume complete with […]