My Purpose, Mission, and Vision

My Purpose is to take the kindness shown to me by others and pay it forward.

My Mission is to ease fear and doubt experienced during career uncertainty and inspire positive change.

My Vision is to help YOU uncover the purpose to YOUR career.

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  1. Rich Ritter says:

    I am in a job search, and I most recently worked for a not-for-profit crisis pregnancy center in Independence ( that had an inner-city program (in the Kansas City public school district) called “LifeGuard Youth Development” – website:( that provided 9th graders with character education skills based upon abstinence until marriage.

    I have taught for over 15 years and I have been in technology and computer systems management and operations management for over 20 years.

    I attend church at New Covenant Ministries in Independence, and like you, I play instruments, I sing, and I work where I am most needed … these days I do the computer displays at church and upload sermons each week.

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